Digital Direction

I’ve always been a creative at heart, but I’ve also developed a deep love for technology as my career in digital media has progressed. Recently, I’ve become obsessed with finding new ways to merge both creativity and technology, especially in my work. I love learning as much as I love helping other businesses succeed in digital so we all end up with more time to enjoy the things we’re passionate about. 

Whether you could use help building a website, with design work, writing technical copy, managing ad campaigns, optimizing your programmatic stack, choosing the right vendor or deciphering those dreaded three-letter acronyms in ad tech, I can help. Simply put, I’m a pretty big nerd and I have the experience and certifications to prove it. Reach out through the form below if you’re interested in learning more.

Digital Advertising

I specialize in programmatic advertising and have 8+ years of experience in paid social, email marketing, search, CTV/OTT, streaming audio & more.

Design & Branding

I’m certified in UX research & design and understand the importance of driving revenue while ensuring user experience is top priority.

Analytics & Strategy

Certified in data science and Advanced Google Analytics, I use key insights and data visualization to develop data-backed media strategies that continually increase performance.

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