How A Series Of Small Business Connections Led To An Interview With VoyagePhoenix Magazine

A few months ago, VoyagePhoenix Magazine contacted me to let me know someone by the name of Marisha had suggested an interview to hear about Little Maya Moonbeam’s story. I wasn’t familiar with VoyagePhoenix at the time so I did some research on the magazine to find out more.

A Bit Of Backstory

Over the last few years, I’ve learned that the Phoenix area has an amazing community of small business professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs. Last year, I planned a small business networking event, creative pop-up market and fundraiser to spread #ShopLocalAZ and #SupportSmallBusiness awareness in downtown Phoenix.

The event was held at Fillmore Coffee Co. and the owners, Mike and Tristan, were kind enough to lend us their spacious coffee shop for an afternoon, hosting local artists and raising money for a local charity. They also carry our candles regularly and have killer breakfast burritos & cold brew, making them the undisputed coffee shop champs of AZ, in our opinion.

Shortly after the event at Fillmore, I received an unexpected text message from an unknown number. The text was from Marisha, or ‘Ms. Marisha’ – the author, educator and entrepreneur – as her website explains, who had purchased a LMM candle at Fillmore Coffee Co. earlier that day. She messaged me to tell me she loved the idea and wanted to know more about LMM.

We spoke on the phone a couple of days later when she invited me to her event to promote her new book, Crumbling Walls, and I brought a few crystal candles along with me. After meeting at her event, we remained in contact via social media and I still enjoy seeing whatever it is she chooses to take on next.

Fast Forward to Today

When VoyagePhoenix reached out to me and mentioned Marisha, I was surprised and extremely appreciative. I think it’s amazing how a few local small businesses became connected and, in my opinion, the story behind the interview might even be the most interesting part.

After a visit to their website, I learned the Voyage Group of Magazines actually started in LA with their flagship publication, VoyageLA. They’ve grown into numerous other cities, including Phoenix, and aim to build a platform that fosters collaboration and support for small businesses, independent artists and entrepreneurs. In their series, ‘Phoenix’s Most Inspiring Stories,’ they share inspiring stories from locals in the Greater Phoenix Area, including an interview with me about Little Maya Moonbeam.

If you’re up for more story time, head over to VoyagePhoenix and read the full interview about the start, the struggles and the true significance of Little Maya Moonbeam. Spoiler alert: it’s all about the incredible (tiny) human holding my hand below.

Image credit: Denise Black

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