10 Unique Facts About LMM

  1. Little Maya Moonbeam is named after the ‘daughter’ half of our mother-daughter duo.
  2. I (Tiffany here) originally started LMM as a way to bond with Maya while having fun and feeding our creative side. It was also started with the intention of teaching early life lessons about work ethic, pursuing the things you’re passionate about, taking risks and the delicate balance between work & play.
  3. We made our first batch of crystal candles at the end of 2017 and our friends and family were huge supporters.
  4. We sell our products online and at local markets in the Phoenix area. Our first local market was a Small Business Saturday event but Maya prefers setting up shop downtown during First Friday.
  5. We hosted our own small business networking event and fundraiser in 2018 where we invited local artists and creators to sell their products to raise money for a local non-profit who helps provide art therapy services to abused children in AZ. We’d love to host similar events on a regular basis.
  6. I also offer digital/creative services to other small businesses. It isn’t easy in the digital world if you aren’t familiar. My “day job” is in digital media and it’s something I’m passionate about.
  7. Maya has more new business ideas than I do and wants to start her own Etsy shop without me – which makes me both incredibly sad and incredibly proud.
  8. I am fairly certain I learn more from Maya than she learns from me when it comes to business, creativity, customer service and life in general.
  9. Maya’s favorite part about LMM is getting to swipe credit cards, count money and give change to our customers during pop-ups at local markets.
  10. My favorite part about LMM is watching Maya learn, grow and step out of her comfort zone. Also, watching her face light up while she speaks passionately and confidently about something she’s created.

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